"You are such an amazing instructor. I love your classes and words and gentleness. You always give me hope and help me focus on my body and mind."

- Melina Stapfer Crabtree

Corporate Programs

Having spent 18 years in high profile sales, marketing, and management positions, I am very comfortable relating to corporate personnel and know how employee morale and work environment directly affect the bottom line. This has compelled me to create Relaxation & Stress Reduction Techniques classes for corporations conducted at the workplace and chair yoga to alleviate tension.

Declare a Mental Health Day!

Sessions are conducted at the workplace in a time frame that works best for you and can be structured in 15 minute intervals up to 1 hour. I can include Guided Meditation, Stretching, Breath techniques, Yoga, Chi Gong and Energy techniques.


I also provide licensed chair massage therapists who are highly skilled and personally screened.

Chair massage is a typically a 10 - 15 minute massage administered while fully clothed, focusing on the high-tension areas of the neck, shoulders, and back using a specially designed chair that sets up easily and in a small space. Chair massage is especially effective in providing many therapeutic benefits and fosters a real sense that the company cares.

Your investment is $75 an hour or employees can pay by the minute and a gratuity can be given at your discretion.

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